Moved By Bikes Post Mount Shortboard (Up To 7'0") Rack

Moved By Bikes Post Mount Shortboard (Up To 7'0") Rack
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Because the racks mount right to your frame, they are super stable even with longboards, but your short board will fit in there just fine too. The rear mount is to your seatpost OR your rear rack, your choice, no special rack required. The splined bars slide into the mounted tubes and are held in place with a simple push button release. Push the button to remove them, slide them in till the button clicks to put them in, that’s all there is to it. No point having to deal with the bars on your bike when you aren’t actually using them.

If you only need to carry shortboards, our shortboard rack uses a double mount on the seatpost for super quick installation. Both racks use the same bars to hold the boards.

Shortboard Rack Double Seatpost Mounting:
The Shortboard Rack uses the same seatpost clamp as the Surfboard Rack, but uses a unique “twin tube” clamp to secure a second mounted tube. This simple yet versatile design allows you to mount both tubes to your seat post, perfect for shortboards!

Weight: about 5 lbs depending on your specific configuration.
Board size:The Shortboard Specific Rack is recommended for boards up to about 7 feet in length. The tubes are pre-bent with clearance for boards up to about 3.5 inches in thickness, if you board is thicker than that the bars can be bent open a bit to make more room.

Installation Instructions:
We’ve designed to fit the vast majority of bikes out there, but because of the nature of the clamping on the head tube, you should use care in attaching to very lightweight racing bikes and we don’t recommend installing on anything carbon fiber.
Tools needed to install: 10mm wrench and a standard allen key set (with 3 and 5mm keys) are all you need to install the rack. We recommend a little grease or anti-seize on the bolt threads, and on certain frames, you may want to trim your U-bolts with a saw after installing. Zip ties may be helpful for cable management to ensure clear rotation of the handlebars on bikes with shift/brake lines


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