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Skateboards/ Action Sports

Carver Skateboards Resin 31
Our long-running favorite surfskate has stayed the same for years. It's plenty wide and just the right length so you can snap and pump with ease, and drop in to any hill with confidence. 9 3/4” wide 6 1/4" tail 3 1/2" nose 17" wheelbase 69mm Roundhouse Concave wheels
Carver Skateboards Firefly 30.25
Updated for 2018 with a slightly wider nose for better front foot control, this is a shorter version of our Resin, making this model a little snappier and easier to pump. 9 3/4” wide 6 1/4" tail 3 3/8" nose 16 1/2" wheelbase 65mm Roundhouse Ecothane wheels
Loaded Longboards Icarus Deck
THE CARVING BOARD, REIMAGINED. Combining wheel flares, cork, a balanced flex pattern, and novel manufacturing, the Icarus is the pinnacle of our search for the ultimate soulful carving experience. LONGBOARD SPECS: -Length: 38.4” / 97.5 cm -Width: 8.6” / 22 cm -Wheelbase (inner hole): 28.25” / 71.76 cm -Weight (deck only): 2.9 lbs / 1.3 kg FLEX RECOMMENDATIONS: -Flex 1: 170-270+ lbs / 75-115+ kg -Flex 2: 75-200+ lbs / 35-90+ kg
Loaded Longboards Basalt Tesseract Deck
THE SPORK OF MODERN, ALL-TERRAIN SKATEBOARDING. GET LIT WITH LAVA. Building on our experience manufacturing the Tarab, we’ve updated the Basalt Tesseract with a high-performance, eco-conscious basalt fabric construction for a lighter, damper, and more freestyle-friendly board. The Basalt Tesseract integrates dual kicktails, rocker, wheel well flares, W concave, and multiple wheelbase options into a lightweight package designed for hilly descents, snappy slides, lofty ollies, techy manual combos, and cross-steps galore. LONGBOARD SPECS: -Length: 39” / 99 cm -Width: 9.5” / 24 cm -Wheelbase (inner hole): 24.5-26” / 62.2-66 cm -Wedging Angle: 3.5° -Weight (deck only): 4.5 lbs / 2.0 kg
Loaded Longboards Dervish Sama
$190.00 - $195.00
In 2007, the Dervish was our first venture into dropthrough construction and an opportunity to create a flexy, bamboo composite carver with the versatility to handle a variety of riding styles. Five years later, we’ve revisited this flagship board with new performance aspirations in mind. With a slightly wider platform than its predecessor, the Dervish Sama balances comfort, edge control, and responsiveness. Combined with a more pronounced concave profile, the extra width enhances turn initiation and slide control. We added subtle nose and tail kicks to increase pop and lock your feet in for freestyle tricks. The neck and dropthrough cutout were also updated for increased durability under hard riding. A six-piece griptape pattern provides enhanced control at the kicks and facilitates comfortable footwork maneuvers on the standing platform without interfering with the board’s flex pattern. LONGBOARD SPECS Length: 42.8" / 109 cm Width: 9" / 22.9 cm Wheelbase: 31.5" / 80 cm Weight: deck only: 3.0 - 3.6 lbs / 1.4 - 1.6 kg Complete: 7.0 - 7.6 lbs / 3.2 - 3.4 kg FLEX Flex 1: 170-250+lbs / 75-114+kg Flex 2: 100-185+lbs / 45-84+kg Flex 3: 75-150+lbs / 35-68+kg
KNEKT Functional Pole System (FPS)
The KNEKT Functional Pole System (FPS) is an expandable system without limits. It consists of individually sealed 12" sections that interlock to provide as much reach as you want. Unlike telescoping poles the FPS floats and the interlocking design provides a rock solid connection between sections. The FPS Handle is the system foundation that allows you to add as many sections as you like. As a stand alone product the FPS Handle provides the reach missing in a short hand grip. If you want more length just add sections. -Handle connects to as many sections as you like for length expansion -Each section is individually sealed and floats -12” sections and handle pack easily -Threaded and bead locked aluminum inserts provide solid interface between sections -GoPro and standard 1/4-20 interface included -Aluminum, stainless steel and co-polymer construction will not rust -Extended tether allows for flexibility on where you hold the pole (GoPro is not included)
GoPole Evo 26
The Evo is an extension pole and floatation device made for GoPro® cameras. When capturing 180° POV angles of yourself, the transparent design of the Evo makes it seemingly disappear. Specifications: Dimensions: 26" x 0.98" x 0.98" Weight: 5 oz Materials: Transparent Plastic, Rubber, Stainless Hardware In the Box: 1x Evo 1x Wrist-Strap
KNEKT KTP18 Trigger Pole
The KNEKT KTP18 Trigger Pole Two years in the making and the first of it's kind. The KNEKT TRIGGER POLE allows instant control of your GoPro's start/stop record button. No batteries or wifi remote needed. No delay and perfect function in, out and under water. The culmination of a two-year development process, the painstakingly designed KTP18 incorporates four of our most advanced product features in one unit. It starts with an 18-inch KNEKT FPSH Handle as it’s base, a product that has already proven itself in the harshest conditions. Building on that foundation we created a proprietary interface that incorporates the same patented, single-pivot-point mechanism as our game changing trigger handles. To achieve a smooth and precise interaction between the trigger and shutter button we have chosen JAGWIRE performance cables. These performance stainless steel cables are competition-grade, the same ones used in high end racing bikes. Pulling it all together and assuring a rock solid connection between your GoPro and the KTP18 we have integrated our custom billet aluminum KTA mount directly into the pole. This custom mount is capable of 4 times the holding power of a plastic mount and allows for full 180 degree range of camera rotation. We can confidently say that the world’s finest and most functional GoPro accessory is now available.
Carver Skateboards The Ahi 27
'The Ahi', a performance skateboard made from recycled fishing nets. Based on a best-selling Carver template, this model features a double kick and nose flip design, with a fully functional tail kick. Unlike any other plastic skateboard, The Ahi is wider and has concave providing true performance and the feeling of being locked-in when riding. Built for a lifetime of riding, the durable and rigid deck maintains stability and stiffness in all riding conditions. By coupling our patented surfskate technology with Bureo’s philanthropic sustainable manufacturing process, this little ripper will not only improve your surfing but also empower you to help save the ocean that we depend on and love so much. This board comes with a fish scale grip pattern with custom grip tape, a unique fisheye locking hole, stainless steel hardware and Carver’s Roundhouse 65MM 81A wheels. Wheel color may vary. 27" Long 9" Wide 3 1/2" Nose 5 1/4" Tail 14" Wheelbase
Carver Skateboards Fraktal 33
The 33" Fraktal's mold is based on the classic double-kick pool board, with a symmetrical nose and tail kick and a medium concave, providing a wider stance than a standard shortboard, but short enough for an easy pumpability. It has all the elements you need to integrate transition, vert and air into you street surfing line. The steep nose is great for ollies, the extra-wide tail gives you a solid block to plant your back foot, while surfy template indicates the directionality of the board. Get good on your progressive moves with this hybrid surfskate and then take them back out to the lineup, like you've had a surf coach on land. -9 3/4" wide -6 1/2" tail -6 1/2" nose -16" wheelbase
Carver Skateboards Swallow 29
The 29” Swallow has been one of our favorite boards for years and a staple in the Carver quiver. This little board handles like it’s namesake, fast and loose. The combination of short and wide is magic, because the shorter wheelbase makes pumping this board on the flats just effortless, but the extra width and concave makes it a comfortable cruiser, too. The kick tail completes the versatility, giving you some needed pop for kick turns and crack-in-the-road hopping, explaining why it’s been one of the longest running designs in the Carver line. We’ve updated the graphic with one of surf-artist Ryan Kleiner’s hand painted waves, evoking exactly the feeling of looking through the eye of the tube. This board will work equally well with either the C7 or CX truck sets; the C7 set will give the board a more flowing performance with a great range of adjustability, the CX set will give the board a more snappy performance with a lighter frame. -9 5/8" wide -6 1/8" tail -3 3/4" nose -15 1/2" wheelbase
Loaded Longboards Poke
The Ceviche is dead. Long live the Poke. Continuing the legacy of the Fish and Ceviche, the Poke is the newest phase of an evolving tradition. Featuring highly functional kicktails and a comfortable platform with concave, rocker, and wheel well flares, this versatile urban explorer keeps up with your every whim and makes each outing a creative, dynamic adventure. LONGBOARD SPECS Length: 34” / 86 cm Width: 9.125” / 23.18 cm Wheelbase: 20.75” / 52.71 cm Tail: 7.625” / 19.37 cm (tip to inner bolt) @ 18° Nose: 5.625” / 14.29 cm (tip to inner bolt) @ 13° Concave: 0.5” / 1.3 cm (radial) Rocker: 0.1” / 0.3 cm (centered) Weight: 2.8 lbs / 1.3 kg (deck only)
Loaded Longboards Fattail
A little extra girth never hurt anyone. At least that was our approach when it came time to revamp the design of the Pintail. We wanted to modernize this classic concept so it could keep up with evolutions in riding and performance. The Fattail was designed for pumping, carving, pedestrian slalom, freestyle and generally any situation where lively, energetic lines are on the menu. Increased concave locks your feet in against g-forces, while the topmounted and cambered platform provides energetic performance in and out of each carve. The width of the deck has been redistributed while maintaining subtle tapering near the trucks to provide both ample leverage and awareness of foot position while powering through turns. The formerly vestigial tail has received the silicone treatment for improved functionality in both freestyle tricks and surf-style shredding. The Fattail is also equipped with a slight nose kick for manuals and shuvits. LONGBOARD SPECS Length: 38" / 96.5cm Width:8.63" / 22cm Wheelbase (Inner):26.5" / 67.3cm Wheelbase (Outer): 27.4" / 69.6cm Weight: deck only: / 1.4kg / complete: 0.0bs / 0.0kg
GoPole Reach 17-40
Extend the capabilities of your GoPro® by getting closer to the action and capturing unique angles. Shoot your subject with stability and precision, or flip the camera around on the swivel head to capture 180° POV angles of yourself. Specifications -Dimensions: 17" x 0.98" x 0.98" -Weight: 8 oz Materials: Aluminum, Plastic, Rubber, Stainless Hardware In the Box -1x Reach -1x Wrist-Strap
Carver Skateboards Firefly 30.25
Sometimes you want to dial in your wheelbase just so, and full-inch sizes are not specific enough. With the 30.25” Firefly we’ve shaved ¾” off our popular 31 Resin to make this board even snappier while still retaining the same progressive shape of an archetypal squash tail. The narrower nose keeps the front of the board light and nimble, while the proper kick tail is a wedged deckpad that locks in your back foot where it counts, giving you leverage into any tail-driven trick. From boneless air grabs and ollies to bank and ditch surfing, this little board is a true surfskate. Practice the same tricks you want to perfect in the water, plus work on flow, trim and power carves. With a 16 ½” wheelbase you get a little more stability than other shorties, but not so much that you lose the super easy pump and the driveway-tight carving. Recommended with the CX truck set for a more progressive skate performance. -9 3/4" wide -6 1/4" tail -3 3/8" nose -16 1/2" wheelbase
Carver Skateboards Amber Flag 30.75
"Wide tailed boards are so much fun because you can still rip on small sections and get lots of speed on the flats too. And they’re especially good for airs because you have all that room in the tail to push off of when you leave the ground, and a full nose to land on. The Amber Flag is that kind of surfskate, wide nose and tail for full foot support and increased leverage in carves, but short in length so you can snap tight turns and get height. This short-and-wide template is the magic formula for that deck that seems equally adept at fast and tight carving and easy cruising, with everything in between." 9 7/8" wide 6 1/4" tail 3 1/2" nose 16 3/4" wheelbase
Carver Skateboards Kerr Snapper 28
When we met with Josh Kerr to session design ideas for his new models we "were stoked to find that he already had a strong vision for this model. The first thing he said was how much he liked riding the little board we had given his son. He loved how snappy it was, and told us how much pumping he did just in his driveway. We love that too, so we were stoked to make one for him. Plus he said because it was small it was easy to bring along on trips and ride anywhere in the world. But since this is a mini for Josh we added a little bit of width for better board control, while not adding too much so it stayed small and light. And when it came to graphics he wanted to use a photo by his friend and filmer Matt Kleiner, so we worked with Matt to get the perfect shot of Josh doing what he does best; flying over the lip." 9 3/4” wide 5 1/2" tail 3 1/2" nose 14 7/8" wheelbase
Carver Skateboards Resin 31
"The 31" Resin. The narrow nose template and wide tail is just like your favorite squash-tail wave killer. It's plenty wide and just the right length so you can snap and pump the flats with ease, and drop in to any hill with confidence." 9 3/4" wide 6 1/4" tail 3 1/2" nose 17 " wheelbase
This KTS is a great way to personalize your KNEKT and instantly provides a wider contact point for your finger. Custom designed and made in the USA to perfectly fit the contours of our triggers. The KTS is CNC machined from marine grade aluminum and then anodized to enhance corrosion resistance. It is firmly held in place by 2 stainless steel hex screws and attaches in seconds using the supplied hex key. The KTS fits the New GP3 v2 as well as the GP3+, GPLT and GPDL. It does not fit the original GP3.
Pro-tec Classic Skate Spitfire
"From bowls to half pipes, from skate parks to backyards, Pro-Tec has spent the last 4 decades listening to the needs of skaters all over the world, in order to create the best protection available, period. The Pro-Tec Classic Skate draws its line of design right back to our original helmet model. Our 2-stage soft foam liner and the newly added EVA crown pad keep things comfortable and lightweight, making this the style of choice season after season."
SP GADGETS Remote Pole 39
Simply clip your GoPro® Wi-Fi Remote or Smart Remote into the housing and you are ready for one-handed telescopic handle filming. The Remote Pole by SP-Gadgets can be extended and twist-locked to the following length: 39 Inch: 13.6–39” (349-986 mm) Your GoPro® Camera will attach to it without any extra parts. The dual-diameter remote grip keeps the pole firmly in your hand, yet still allowing you to use the remote at the same time. Features: -Compatible with HERO, HERO2, HERO3, HERO3+ and HERO4 cameras -Extends up to 23"/39” -GoPro® WI-FI Remote and Smart Remote Housing -Direct GoPro® Camera Attachment -Dual-Diameter Soft-Touch Remote Grip -New 360° Swivel Head -Adjustable Wrist Strap Patent pending. GoPro® Camera and WiFi-Remote® not included.
Comet Shred JH 33
The Shred 33 is one of our most successful boards ever launched. This is the first shape variation in the 33” size which belongs to team rider Jared Henry. Jared asked for a curvy natural looking board to fit his quest for Pura Vida. Featuring an amazing all-natural graphic including the Flower of Life and strawberries, Jared is an all around skateboarder at heart. His quote for this board is “Life is a Smoothie, drink it." Jared lives in Arkansas and you can find him at the local skatepark, mountain or making awesome music. Length: 33'' Width: 9.5'' Wheelbase: 16'' Thickness: 7-ply Concave: .5''
Comet Shred EJ 33
As most of you know Jensen is a force to be reckoned with and has made quite the name for himself among skaters from western Ontario to San Francisco, Vancouver, and beyond. We honored him with 'The Farmer' in the past but as his style evolved over the years. This is the second variation of the 33'' shred and is a reflection of Jensen's skate it all style. Length: 33'' Width: 9.25'' Wheelbase: 15.75'' Thickness: 7-ply Concave: .5''
Comet Grease Hammer
36" x 9.875" Wheelbase: 26/27" Rocker: 0.5" Concave: 0.75" Thickness: 9-PLY
Comet Voodoo Air
The Voodoo Air is the latest update to the classic Voodoo downhill series. This version includes Air-Frame technology to make a lighter wood downhill board. We took away the cutaways in the nose and tail to give you more real estate for freeriding and allowing you to get more over the trucks to grip while racing. Length: 35.75" Width: 10" Wheelbases: 26"/28" Rocker: 1/2" Concave: 3/4" Air Frame Technology by Comet Skateboards: Air Frame is a patented construction that was developed by skateboarding legend Paul Schmitt. Air Frame technology is based on multiple hollow torsion boxes sandwiched between solid plies of hard maple. The result is a lighter board and that stiffer and more responsive through pre tensioned, corrugated maple plies.
KNEKT KDC6 Dome Port Cover
KNEKT KDC6 Six-inch Dome Port Cover for the KNEKT KSD6 Dome Port: The KNEKT KDC6 Port Cover is the perfect companion for your KSD6 Dome Port. Extra thick and durable 4mm neoprene provides the padding and protection needed when storing and transporting your dome. Like all KNEKT products we strive to innovate wherever we can. The KDC6 is no exception. With an easy to use drawstring closure and built in interface plug your KSD6 will stay clean and scratch free inside and out. Custom made in the USA using quality materials put together by skilled workers. Product Highlights: -Thick and padded -Drawstring closure -Integrated interface plug Specifications: -Materials – 4mm Neoprene, Nylon and EVA Foam -Fits – KNEKT KSD6 Dome Port -Dimensions 6” x 6” x 3” -Weight – 3 oz In the bag: -KDC6 Dome Port Cover
Orangatang The Cage, 73mm Wheels (4)
LONGBOARD WHEEL SPECS Diameter: 73mm Contact Patch: 41.5mm Durometers: 80a, 83a, 86a Bearing Seat: Centerset Formula: Peachy Thane Core: high-strength, high-stiffness, heat-resistant urethane Tall and charming, The Cage holds it together with an air of calm and collected charisma… but is always prepared to lose its shit and get wild. The Cage is here to deliver when the script calls for inordinate momentum, firm yet pliable grip, and high-speed slides. Step away from the bike… and get your downhill fix on four wheels. The Cage features gently bevelled sidewalls, rounded edges, and stone-ground contact surfaces. A newly designed 38x38mm core with a deep “valley”-shaped cross section keeps the lips firmly supported like a burly botox injection, promoting smooth, consistent slides and even wear. The stone-ground contact patch ensures buttery-smooth slides right out of the box. The Cage is poured in our proprietary Peachy Thane for a balance of buttery drifts and high durability. Slightly grippier than Euphorethane yet slipperier than Happy Thane, Peachy Thane offers a balanced blend of buttery speed control, long slides, and a cush ride.
Orangatang The Keanu, 66mm Wheels (4)
LONGBOARD WHEEL SPECS Diameter: 66mm Contact Patch: 38mm Durometers: 80a, 83a, 86a Bearing Seat: Centerset Formula: Peachy Thane Core: high-strength, high-stiffness, heat-resistant urethane With a diminutive presence and quick, bullet-time reflexes, The Keanu is a skilled and adaptable master of all terrains. Adept at slashing the asphalt point break as well as keeping up the speed for technical freeriding. Choose the red core. Whoa. The Keanu features gently bevelled sidewalls, rounded edges, and stone-ground contact surfaces. A newly designed 38x38mm core with a deep “valley”-shaped cross section keeps the lips firmly supported like a burly botox injection, promoting smooth, consistent slides and even wear. The stone-ground contact patch ensures buttery-smooth slides right out of the box. The Keanu is poured in our proprietary Peachy Thane for a balance of buttery drifts and high durability. Slightly grippier than Euphorethane yet slipperier than Happy Thane, Peachy Thane offers a balanced blend of buttery speed control, long slides, and a cush ride.
Carver Skateboards Point Break 33.75
When the director of the new Point Break approached us, he told us he wanted to work with a performance-oriented company to make the board that would not only be featured in the story of the film, but also ridden by the stunt riders for the skateboarding action scenes. We were stoked to be a part of the project so we worked directly with the stunt crew as they began rehearsing the scenes, which involved surfskating down a spiraling parking garage ramp, dodging cars and going fast. They needed a combination of control at higher speeds while maintaining tight maneuverability and quick response. We sent them various sizes and configurations until we arrived at the best proportions. At 33 ¾” this board is not very long, but the 19” wheelbase smoothes out the ride for higher speeds, while the chopped off nose gives you a nice wide platform for your front foot for extra carving control. It was a combination that worked perfectly for the demanding requirements of a professional stunt crew, and we thought it would be something our riders would appreciate, too. For more on the story of this board, read the Currents story here. Grip Style: Double Stringer Dimensions: -33.75” Long -9 7/8” Wide -6 5/8" Tail -3 7/8" Nose -19" wheelbase
Loaded Longboards Tan Tien
Driven by progressive longboarding as explored by Loaded's riders, the Tan Tien manifests the desire to develop new tricks and engage new riding styles. From its foot-locking concave, drop-through truck mounting and pumpable camber, to its responsive nose and tail kicks, the Tan Tien blends carve-oriented longboarding with advanced trick riding. The complex contours create a super responsive board that allows for increased confidence when leaning into turns, popping tricks, and powering through slides. With the woven bamboo bottom and the funky grip design the Tan Tien is easy on the eyes. But you'll need to ride this board to truly fathom its potential. LONGBOARD SPECS: Length: 39" / 99cm Width: 8.75" / 22.25cm Wheelbase (Inner Hole): 27" / 68.5cm Weight: deck only: 3.1 - 3.5lbs / 1.4-1.6kg / complete: 6.6 - 7lbs / 3 - 3.2kg FLEX: Flex 1: Up to 270 lbs Flex 2: 130-210+ lbs Flex 3: 80-170+ lbs
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